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August 2020


To Hire or Not To Hire?

Many newly engaged couples begin planning their special day by creating a list of things to do. That list can easily overwhelm the faint of heart and the question is raised…

“Should we attempt this all on our own or should we hire a professional planner?”

I suggest that you think very carefully when it comes to answering this question. Remember unless you are very savvy at throwing parties and extremely well versed on protocol, planning your wedding can become quite stressful. Then think about your actual wedding day, do you want to be handling all the details and challenges that may arise or do you want the day to seamlessly unfold for you? Professional planners have a network of other professionals, with proven track records, whom they have worked – and established relationships with over time. A professional planner should always be five steps ahead of the bride & groom, insuring that every detail is in place and that backup plans are ready should they be needed leaving you and your betrothed free to enjoy the celebration.

When looking for a planner use what I call the “shoe that fits” theory. When interviewing planners, it’s important that your personalities fit. The journey down the aisle is sometimes 12 -18 months long and if the fit isn’t right, that can be a very painful journey. Second, your planner should be VERY organized and even tempered. Ask for references and check them out. Ask them questions like how will you keep me on track for my deadlines? When it comes to selecting my photographer, florist and entertainment how many different vendors from each will I have to select from? Also, ask them how they are paid. Many planners get a flat fee, some base their fee on a percentage of the overall budget and some do a combination of both.

To hire or not to hire that truly is the question!