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June 2021


Size Matters

When it comes to wedding cakes… size matters! Large cakes 5-7 tiers covered in fondant with high style and bold patterns are the way to go. Your cake should not only blend with, but enhance your wedding décor. So pull inspiration from your invitation, place cards, program or even your gown. These cakes can get very expensive so if your looking for a big bang for your buck take this tip from me.

Talk to your baker and have them create a faux cake for you. This sugary deception is made of foam, covered with real fondant and decorated to your specifications. It’s not only light weight but cost effective. The secret is to have a small portion of the bottom layer fitted with real cake for your cake cutting ceremony. Then the cake is removed from view. Meantime in the kitchen, beautiful slices of your real cake are expertly being plated up for presentation. The slices are taken from a sheet cake with your custom flavors and fillings. The benefit is, you only pay for the cake needed to feed your exact number of guests. So even if you are feeding a intimate crowd your cake will look as if it was created for royalty. Trust me this little white lie will help impress your guests while not breaking the bank.
Grooms Cakes are making a resurge. This Southern tradition is now a full-blown trend. It’s a fun way to add a touch of the groom’s personality to the festivities. The cake should celebrate the groom by representing something near & dear to him – a favorite sport, activity, hometown or even nickname! Tradition has brides planning this as a special surprise treat for her new husband but many couples are opting to include groom in this process. The choice, like all others these days should be up to the individual couple. If your going to keep it a surprise from your groom, then it should be unveiled during the reception so everyone can see it, and served with the traditional wedding cake.