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March 2023


A Night In Paris

Wellington, Florida

January 21, 2011


It was three cheers for the “bleu blanc et rouge” as JustWorld International celebrated the most romantic city in the world during their eighth annual fundraising gala in Wellington, Florida. 

Once again, Dazzle Creative Events was there to see that it would be a night to remember.

The party was once again held at Maria Newman’s Belle Herbe Farm and was aptly named “A Night In Paris.”  From the patriotic colors of the French flag to the ever so famous Eiffel Tower, Wellington was treated to a taste of Paris.   

As guest arrived to register, they were greeted by a strolling accordion player who filled the night air with romantic French standards.  Other entertainment included a dance troop that performed routines from the hit film Moulin Rouge… and of course what night in Paris would be complete without a bevy of beauties kicking up their heels to a lively rendition of the Can-Can? 

Silent auction items lined the length of the huge tent and were the evening’s tribute to the Champs Elysées as guests bid on specialty and designer items all to benefit the cause.   

True to any Parisian celebration, Champagne and fine food was the call of the evening.  Guests were treated to a varitety of French delicacies that would have made Julia Child proud!  Thanks to a generious donation by Whole Foods of Wellington who graciouly donated all of the food used for the evening’s gala, caterers extriodinaire, Chez Gourmet prepared everything from coq au vin to melt-in-your-mouth filet de boeuf with gratin dauphinios to an ever so light and buttery assortment of freshly baked quiches! 

The evening was a smashing success for JustWorld, pulling in a record number of supporters who turned out for the evening (over 650!) as well as for the delighted guests who danced the night away.  As the French say, “C’est Si Bon”… and it sure was!

Stress Free Holiday Entertaining

With the holiday season in full swing and with so much to accomplish, many of us start to stress out trying to find the time and mostly, the finances to get together with our friends and family.  Of course between gift buying, décor and possible travel expenses the cost of good cheer can really add up but take heart, hosting a gathering at your home does not need to break the bank.  Expensive dinner parties are not your only option for holiday get-togethers.  With just a little creativity, you can have some festive fun with your friends while taking care of holiday business at the same time. 

The season offers many unique opportunities to bring your loved ones together with stress free holiday entertaining.  Why not host a Cookie Exchange?  Invite your friends to pick out a favorite cookie and bake off a few dozen to bring to your home.  Have them email you their recipe when they RSVP.  Gather all the recipes into a little “Holiday Cookie Cook Book” as a take home favor.  Serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and maybe mulled cider or a punch and let the fun begin!  By evenings end, you and your friends will have a nice assortment of holiday cookies without all the work and expense of having to bake such a variety on your own. 

Another favorite is a gift-wrapping party.  With little more then wine, cheese and crackers, you and your friends will laugh and sing along to holiday music as you wrap your gifts together, swapping paper, ribbons and funny stories of holidays gone by.  This is always great fun! 

When we lived in New York City, our friends used to look forward to our annual Christmas Tree Decorating Party.  The night before the get-together, we would put up the tree, weave in the lights and lay out all the boxes of delicate ornaments.  The evening of the party, our guests would show up with a potluck dish in a throwaway container and stack them on the folding table in the corner of the room.  We would all sing carols as we adorned the tree with balls, bells, garland and collectables.  Once the tree was finished, we would pack-up the potluck meals and take them down to the park to feed the homeless.  It was a great reminder of what the holidays are truly about and put everyone in the spirit of the season.   

So as you can see, with just a little imagination you can create wonderful memories and bring back the magic of the holidays for your loved ones. 

Happy Holidays to all our friends, family and followers and may you all be blessed with peace, love, good health and joy for the holidays and everyday!



According to Irish folklore, the devil came to earth to bring back with him the soul of a wicked and stingy man named Jack.  Jack tricked the devil into climbing up into an apple tree.  Once there, Jack carved a cross onto the tree’s trunk rendering the devil powerless to leave the tree.  Jack agreed to help him but only if he vowed never to take his soul.  The devil agreed.  Eventually, Jack died anyway but was refused entry to Heaven.  The devil honoring his vow also refused him entrance into hell.  Doomed to wonder through the darkness forever with nowhere to go, Jack begged the devil for light to see his way.  The devil tossed him a piece of hot coal from the fires of hell.  Jack placed the coal into a carved out turnip to make it a lantern. The Irish kept up this tradition throughout the years however once the Irish migrated to America, they found pumpkins more plentiful then turnips and replace one vegetable for the other.  Today the carved pumpkin face is perhaps the most famous icon of the holiday.

A Surfside Treasure

Thanks to a generous invitation from the folks at the luxurious Sandpearl Resort, we recently had the opportunity to experience the true beauty and relaxed sophistication of Florida’s Gulf Coast first hand.  The elegantly appointed hotel sits right on one of the most pristine beaches along the coast in a town most appropriately named, “Clearwater.”  Boasting majestic sunsets that are not to be missed, the beaches in Clearwater are not affected by the recent oil disaster and due to the way the Gulf current flows, they will not ever be (barring any unforeseen hurricane disaster).

 As we entered the four diamond resort, we were greeted with a warm welcome and offered chilled champagne along with a cool noeroli scented “decompression cloth” to refresh our weary faces after a morning of travel.  Then left to unwind and relax the rest of the day, we were treated to a poolside cabana where we enjoyed refreshing frozen lemonade and a juicy burger with crispy homemade potato chips. Read more »

Eat,Drink and Dance Your Blues Away!

The sign for BB King’s Blues Club now shines brightly in City Place. At last we have a venue that serves up great music and food!  Last night I attended the VIP grand opening for the club.  There is so much to rave about.  The atmosphere is ambient and sexy and sets the stage for all to follow.  The acoustics are first class and the food is award winning, down home and finger lickin’ good!  Their staff is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well versed in making your experience there a memorable one!  The venue offers flexible space for any event.  It’s indoor area that can accommodate up to 650 guests seated or 800-reception style and speaking from experience, they rock when it comes to making the event special.  They host live music every single night, last night the BB King All Star Band, 10 piece ensemble, had us all feeling the beat.  If your looking for a great experience I urge you to stop by and see what’s rockin’ at BB Kings in City Place where you can eat, drink and dance your blues away!! . 

The Holiday Season Is Here!

Boy this has been some year!  However, despite the poor economic forecasts, the highest unemployment since the great depression and world crises’ at large, I am still looking forward to Thanksgiving. 

I have always appreciated Thanksgiving, as it stands alone in its virtues.  Maybe it’s in the preparation process.  After all, I plan events for a living.  Or maybe it’s filling my home with all the smells that evoke comfort, or perhaps it’s the family and friends who gather and share in the abundance.  For me, there is a sense of peace that comes from knowing that around this country, gathered at all sorts of tables of every size and shape are people sharing whatever they have with one another.  That is a powerful thought, as each of us has reason to be thankful, even though it sometimes appears that the grass is greener in someone else’s pasture. 

There are many other benchmarks for the approaching holiday season like “Black Friday,” the busiest shopping day of the year and then  “Cyber Monday,” when e-shoppers get down to business.  Yes, the days ahead will be frantic with shopping, decorating, wrapping and mailing, all the commercial things that make the “season”.  Still, it’s Thanksgiving that speaks to me.  It’s a day to take the time to reflect on our lives and give gratitude to God for who we have become, all we have been given and for what we can share with others. 

I hope that the spirit of Thanksgiving touches your life and that you take a moment to count your many blessings and be thankful.