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February 2021


I do! I Really Do!

Thier Embrace

Lynda Zettel and Steve Marsalona started planning their walk down the aisle with us nine months before the big day. However, like most brides, Lynda had been planning her wedding for much longer.  Wedding planning is a labor of love and working with Lynda and Steve was just that.  As wedding planners, we try to guide our clients through the planning process encouraging them not to lose sight of what their special day is all about. Many couples get lost in the all the pretty details and they lose site of the fact that the celebration is centered on their love of each other, their family and friends. But not Lynda and Steve.  With attention to even the smallest of touches, each guest was made to feel special.

Lynda’s zest for detail was displayed throughout the weekend. As this was a destination wedding, elements like personalized letters and welcome gifts, thoughtful menu planning, tips on their favorite things to do in the area, available transportation scheduled to accommodate all their guests needs and favors that all were sure to enjoy were just a few of the ways they showed that they cared. Their gracious and warm hospitality set the tone for a memorable weekend of elegance and style.  The creation came to fruition in a fashion that melted the morsels of a dream into the anticipated moments of a true storybook celebration.

So, to all you newly engaged couples take a lesson from Lynda and Steve and make sure that you put your personal touch on every detail, create an environment that envelops your guests and shows them that you took the time to think about them on your journey down the aisle.