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March 2023


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Bedazzling the Bride

So you’ve already selected your dream wedding gown and decided upon a headpiece and shoes. The only question left is how best to accessorize such an elegant ensemble?  For the bride trying to decide what jewelry to wear with her particular gown, there are two important things to take into consideration: the neckline of your dress […]

Are You a Sucker for Succulents?

Succulents are a hot new trend in bridal bouquets this year. They are durable, come in a variety of colors, and add a touch of the unexpected to traditional bouquets.  Whether you go solely with succulents or you chose to mix them with other blooms; you and your florist can create a bouquet that reflects […]

A Wonderful Article by John C. Maxwell in a Recent Issue of “Success Magazine”

THE GREATEST SKILL – COMMUNICATION:   Leaders must connect with the people they’re leading… One summer, during a family trip, my grandkids decided they wanted to put on a parade for us grown-ups. Amused, we helped them gather balloons, hats and whistles while the children debated who’d lead this extravagant show. It was decided that Little […]

Whether “Cronuts” or “Kronuts,” You’re sure to Go-nuts over this Recipe…

You say you can’t get to New York, you don’t have the time to wait on a line that spans two blocks or you simply refuse to pay up to 40 bucks to the pastry scalpers who are reselling “Cronuts” on line? Well worry no more; we came across this recipe for executive chef, Peter […]

Lessons Learned

Every once in a while you read a book that touches you so deeply that it challenges you to change the way you think about yourself and the life you are living. Not only did I have the good fortune of working with Agapi Stassinopoulos on her New York book launch hosted by Fresh but […]

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts:

Many folks believe the ‘X’ symbol became synonymous with the kiss during medieval times. People who couldn’t write their names signed in front of a witness with an ‘X.’ The ‘X’ was then kissed to show their sincerity. Back in the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who […]