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March 2023


Bedazzling the Bride

So you’ve already selected your dream wedding gown and decided upon a headpiece and shoes. The only question left is how best to accessorize such an elegant ensemble? 

For the bride trying to decide what jewelry to wear with her particular gown, there are two important things to take into consideration: the neckline of your dress and amount of embellishment on the bodice.  According to wedding sources such as “The Knot” and “Real Simple,” here’s an easy guideline to the types of pieces that can work best with your neckline. 

The bateau neckline falls at or above the collarbone lending itself beautifully to a pair of medium length dangle earrings. 

If your gown is strapless it will look best with a necklace that forms a seamless circle and lies flat and perfectly still against your skin.  You can also choose long, glamorous earrings that “move”, especially if yours is a sexy, flowing gown.  

The off-the-shoulder neckline creates a lovely frame for your neck and collarbone.  Choosing pendants that rest right in the hollow of your throat will be especially beautiful.  Or, skip the necklace all together and opt for a pair of dramatic earrings.  Doing this shifts the focus to your face. 

If your gown is a V-Neck, consider a necklace with a drop pendant to create a flattering “Y” shape that will visually elongate your neck; Lariats and opera-length also work well.  An extra-long pendant helps “breakup” the amount of décolletage your dress reveals.  Or once again, simply sport a spectacular pair of earrings.  But remember, with this neckline an earring/necklace combo can be overload, so you may want to consider choosing one or the other. 

The scoop neckline works perfectly with a necklace that has evenly spaced details in a style that’s either bold or delicate (the bodice of your dress will dictate the way to go).  Scoops also work well with studs (which “spotlight” your face), or short or medium-length drop earrings.  And…if you’re so inclined, a bracelet works with any dress to add a regal shot of extra bling.  

In the end, each bride has to wear what makes her feel happy and beautiful. So remember, these are merely “guidelines” to assist you in your decision. It’s YOUR day, have fun with it!